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The elements of an excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Acidity

Extra virgin olive oil is certainly one of the ingredients most used by Italians, a must of Italian cuisine. This product that represents excellence in Italy, has unfortunately suffered a lot of damage from large-scale retailers, which have made use of more shady methods to produce products of poor quality that weigh heavily on our health. The elements that distinguish a low quality oil from a high quality one are different, but today we are going to analyze the acidity. Acidity is the parameter that is better than any other able to summarize an overall assessment of the chemical quality of extra virgin olive oil [...]

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Pleasant Crunchiness: Linguine with Yellow Tomatoes, Pork Cheek, Don Carlo & Crumbled Tarallo

In this video recipe, we take the best artisanal made in Italy products in order to make delicious pasta that combines the flavors of Campania, Puglia, and Umbria. Here is the shopping list: Pasta, Pork Cheek, Yellow Tomatoes, Neapolitan Tarallo and Don Carlo Cheese. Have you marked everything? Let's begin!

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