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A Guide through Italy: The most famous Italian Pasta

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Italy is worldwide famous for many things, on top of it we have food, but among all types of food that you can eat in Italy Pasta is for sure the most famous one - with Pizza.

Today we will go through the most famous Italian pasta and where you should try it.

Let’s start with a very famous dish La Carbonara (here the original recipe). We have the first sign of the Carbonara during the 40s, and since then it never stopped. Where you can eat Carbonara? Definitely in Rome - but if you want to try to make it at your home give a look to the original recipe. 

Let’s stay close to Rome, and let’s keep one ingredient from Carbonara, Guanciale or Pork Cheek. The other dish is the Amatriciana (click here for the original recipe) that takes its name from the city of Amatrice, that’s the place where you should go to eat Amatriciana or the version without tomato knows as Pasta alla Gricia.

We move to Naples, a city full of delicious dishes and home of Pasta. In Naples, you have such a variety of pasta, from the classic Spaghetti al Pomodoro - we made a new version of this classic dish, click here for the recipe - to the pasta with sea-fruits to an expected not sea dish as the  Pasta Patate and Provola (Pasta with Potato and Provola), but the most important and traditional dish in Naples is the Ragù - a slow-cooked sauce made with meat and vegetables. Our stop in Naples is not over, cause there is another version of the Ragù, whiter than the classic one, called Genovese. Even if its name says “from Genova” this dish belongs to the Neapolitan tradition. 

Italy is a country where one meal can be made in two different ways, and Ragù is the perfect example. In Naples, you have the Neapolitan Ragù, and in Bologna, you have the Ragù Bolognese. What is the difference? Both recipes have meat inside, but in the Bolognese, you have the mixed meat and in the Neapolitan Ragù you’ve full pieces of meat. Bologna and the Emilia Romagna (its region) is one of the best regions where to eat. In Bologna (if we want to be specific in Modena) you have as the well the famous Tortellini brodo (in the broth).

From Bologna, we go straight to Milan, where we can enjoy a fantastic Risotto alla Milanese, made with Zafran, a spicy made in Asia that found in Milan a sweet home. 

Our tour in the north of Italy is not over yet, and from Milan, we go to Genova home of Olive oil and Basil. Do you already know about our next dish? Yeah, Pesto Genovese is a must eat in Genova. Fresh and simple, the Pesto Genovese is a complete handmade Italian masterpiece. 

So far, we already gained around 5 to 10 kg, but our tour of Italy is not over yet. We are flying from Genova to Bari, where we stop to appreciate the famous Orecchiette Pugliesi or Orecchiette Cime di Rapa - you can find the full recipe here

It’s time to go deeper and to move from Puglia to Sicily - another region full of outstanding and delicious meals. In Sicily, a must-try is Pasta alla Norma, a delicious dish made of a mix of tomato sauce, vegetable, and ricotta. 

After 10 kilos or more gained, a lot of regions visited and so many dishes eat ours, first, tour in Italy is over. This is the first step in order to understand the variety of Italian cuisine. 

If you wish to see some specific recipe let us know in the comments, in the meanwhile we are leaving you few traditional recipes worth trying it. 

Do you feel ready to try some of these fantastic recipes? You can now make them at your home with real Italian-made products. Try the Be Italian Food Box a fantastic and new way to learn how to cook proper Italian food at home. 

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