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Discovering organic: what it is and why it is important

Cibo Biologico Organic Food

Written by Valentino Addevico


The explosion of the large-scale retail trade has led to the extreme production of all plant and animal food production techniques. The large-scale retail trade has brought wonderful looking food to our tables, with a long shelf life and an annual seasonality and above all at a very cheap price.

We are used to buying pasta at € 0.30/kg, extra virgin olive oil and € 3/lt, and much more. But what is behind, or rather inside, these products? 

These products contain an evil called "chemical agents" that kill the nutritional properties that nature gives to food in exchange for the favors we mentioned before (appearance, duration, price).

In contrast to this, and fortunately, we begin to speak of organic.

But what does organic mean?

By organic, we mean any product obtained with a process that provides for the total absence of elements external to those that nature makes available to us.

Organic products are still considered niche products and the communication of these products is still not proportional to its importance.

And above all what does organic eating mean?

Those who buy and eat organic generally do so for two reasons.

  • Healthy: eating organic means having respect for nature and our body as it helps to lead a healthy diet, safeguarding the ecosystem that surrounds us.
  • Fashion: for some of us eating organic is considered a fashion, a passing lifestyle that will be replaced over time by the new trend.

So why eat organic?

In fact, a bio diet brings numerous benefits for our body, strengthens the immune system, reduces the risk of heart disease, promotes weight loss, and improves sleep habits.

So summarizing:

Organic products are the result of careful and important dedication to the environment, of its respect, through agriculture which therefore uses processes that focus on respecting the natural cycle of life. Organic agriculture does not under any circumstances require the use of external chemical agents, now used in enormous quantities in the production of mass vegetable and animal products.

The famous pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and antibiotics that kill all the good parts of the food, the use of GMOs that change food to the detriment of our health. All these techniques are not present in the production of organic food.

Furthermore, in Europe, and especially in Italy, the rules on organic agriculture are very strict and precise. Our country is among the top places in Europe for the production of organic food, which has reached a turnover of around € 1 billion. The largest organic producers we find are the regions of Southern Italy with Puglia, Calabria, and Sicily which together collect 45% of the national production area of ​​organic food.

In short, eating organic helps us and on our planet and be in the best shape.

We, The Italian Club, care a lot about the selection of products, and all the selected craftsmen respect and love their territory and it is from the combination of love and respect that their products are born.

Take a look at our selection of products all made in the most natural and possible way.

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