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Italian Sounding: Why you should care

Italian traditional meal Tradizione Italiana


If you have ever been to a no-Italian supermarket you have certainly seen many Italian products in name but not, in fact, something that sounds incredible and shameful.

This is the Italian Sounding. Let’s dig a bit on the definition of Italian Sounding:

"Italian Sounding is a term used to indicate a phenomenon that refers to the imitation of a product/denomination/brand through a reference to the supposed Italianness but, in reality, it does not find its basis in the product itself."

The description is clear, I don't think there is anything else to add. 

This phenomenon does not only damage the image, the perception of Italian products abroad, but it also damages the Italian economy, specifically the export of Italian products abroad.

And in fact, we can say that in addition to the joke, there is also damage, beautiful big damage. Coldiretti has estimated that the Italian sounding market takes about 90 billion dollars from Italian export, and all this happens when the export of Italian food touches a record of 42 billion dollars.

Among the most popular products, there are frozen preparations, condiments and preserves, which represent 42% of all products. Soon afterward come dairy products, including the famous parmesan cheese (a few years ago Crozza - Italian TV presenter - made a monologue on the subject). All Italian treasures are affected by this phenomenon.

The most affected markets by Italian sounding are above all that of North America and Europe, precisely two main markets for Italian export.

But what can we do?

From the consumer's point of view, we need more care and education towards the final product and we must always see the origin of the product - because, behind the label of extra virgin olive oil, there is much information that allows us to understand if the product is made with Italian raw materials or not and if it’s made in Italy. For the rest, we have to rely on institutions and it seems that something is beginning to move - in fact, the Italian government is trying to protect the Italian excellences by creating the Made in Italy Label

This is the Italian and sounding, sadly.

That’s all folks, we are at the end of this article, slandered by imitations and always pay attention to what you buy.

If you are not sure of what you are buying, we suggest you have a look at our Italian food boxes, made by Italian artisans, with traditional techniques, with 100% Italian products. 

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