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Spaghetti ai frutti di mare

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The sea. So fresh and with so many good foods to offer. This time we'll introduce you an evergreen, but always a tasty recipe. Mostly of people, when visiting south Italy, are amazed by the beauty, simplicity, and taste of the Spaghetti ai Frutti di Mare (sea fruits). Are you ready for this dish?

Boil the water, add coarse sea and pasta, and cook it 2 minutes shorter than it is written on the package. Put oil in a pan and fry for few minutes garlic and chili pepper in it, and then remove them. In the same oil, put the sea fruits and cover the pan. Cook them until shells get open. Pour the water from the pan in a separate dish and keep it aside. Take a new pan and fry again garlic and chili pepper in oil. Take them out and put inside datterini tomatoes. Turn off the burner, add the sea fruits and mix it

Turn the burner on again and add the pasta. Pour into the sea fruit's water and few spoons of water in which you cooked the pasta. Cook it and mix it for a few minutes.

Serve it in plates and put parsley and pepper on top of it.
Your dish is done. 

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