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Gragnano’s Pasta with Pistachio Pesto, Mortadella Bolognese & Burrata Pugliese

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Green in skin tone, Sicilian by passport, Pistachio is certainly one of the most interesting ingredients of the year.

Pistachio, a bit like all the products that become food trends, are used in all possible ways: on pizza, with pasta, in desserts, and as dessert.

Pistachio is really a versatile product, and always an excellent product to add to your taste asset.

Some time ago, we proposed on Instagram an interesting recipe that focused on Pistachio, the Sicilian one, assisted by three products from as many regions, which ones?

Pasta, always and only from Gragnano IGP, Mortadella, Bolognese IGP, and Artisanal Burrata Pugliese.

Each product makes an essential contribution to this dish, the pasta gives the consistency and quantity, combined with the Mortadella that gives that aroma that goes very well with the pistachio, which reigns as flavor. To finish, in style, the Burrata comes to our aid, which melts, and gives that creaminess to the dish, combining all three ingredients mentioned.

Let's now turn to the ingredients, how much of this, and how much of this other? Here is the list of tools:

  • 500 gr of Pasta di Gragnano IGT, we love to use Faella Pasta made with Italian grains;
  • 250 gr of Mortadella Bolognese PGI, we recommend taking a double slice - about 1.5 cm;
  • 190 gr of pistachio pesto, for this recipe we selected a pesto with 70% pistachio (you can find it here);
  • 200 gr of Burrata Pugliese;
  • Oil, even for this product we used 100% Italian excellence, more info here;

Have you written down everything? Cause we are ready to start. Andiamo!

Cut the Mortadella into cubes, once cut, heat a pot with oil and sauté the Mortadella.

In the meantime, boil the water for the pasta. When we see that the water is ready (boiling) we salt it and then lower our a half kilo of Pasta. Taking into consideration that the pasta will finish its cooking with all the rest of the ingredients, we remove it a few minutes before its cooking time - which we find on the back of the package.

Before draining the pasta, however, we do not forget to remove a bowl of the cooking water, we will need it later.

Once the pasta is drained, let's heat our pan with the Mortadella and start to add one by one all our ingredients. First, we add and mix the Pasta with the Mortadella, then we add our Pistachio Pesto, which we have a non-liquid consistency - because the Pistachio is 70% - and here the cooking water helps us.

Let's take a few ladles of the cooking water to melt our Pistachio Pesto and begin to mix when the Pesto has melted and has blended well with our base, we add the burrata which will give a further creaminess to the whole. Always add a few ladles of cooking water and mix everything.

Now it's time to turn it all off and blow up the pasta, we love to call this moment #foodporn - do you understand why?

Here we are at the end, now it's time to take the dishes, open a nice bottle of wine, and sit at the table because the pasta is ready! Buon Appetito

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Need more help? Check out our video recipe!


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