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Linguine with Yellow Tomatoes, Pork Cheek, Don Carlo & Crumbled Tarallo

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italian_linguine_yellow_tomatoes_recipeIn this video recipe, we take the best artisanal made in Italy products in order to make delicious pasta that combines the flavors of Campania, Puglia, and Umbria.

Fasten the gowns you start! Here is the shopping list.

Linguine with Yellow Tomato, Don Carlo cheese, Pork Cheek & Crumbled Tarallo:

  • 400 gr Linguine by Pastificio Faella;
  • 530 gr Yellow tomatoes "Pacchetelle" by The Italian Club;
  • Italian extra virgin olive oil InMasseria;
  • Neapolitan Tarallo (bagel) "sugna e pepe"(lard and pepper) by Pastificio Pezzullo;
  • 250 gr pork cheek;
  • q.s.Don Carlo cheese;

Have you marked everything? Let's begin!

Cut the pork cheek into strips and let it sweat (without adding oil) in a pan over low heat. When the pork cheek has become crispy, and the fat has melted, add the yellow tomatoes and let them cook.

In the meantime, fill a pot with the water we are boiling and then add the salt and the linguine.

Drain the pasta al dente (always a few minutes less than the cooking time), out of the heat add it to our sauce. We are almost at the end, the final touches are missing, it’s time to add the Don Carlo and the Tarallo. First, let's take the Don Carlo and grate it on the pasta and mix everything together. Then serve everything in a dish and crumble the “Sugna & Pepe” Tarallo on the plate so as to give a further touch of crunchiness to the dish.

Here we are at the end, now it's time to take the dishes, open a nice bottle of wine, and sit at the table because the pasta is ready! Buon Appetito

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