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Vegan box - The Italian Club
The Italian Club

Vegan box

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Have you chosen to go vegan, but are still struggling to find the right products that can satisfy your palate and your 100% ethical choice?

The Italian Club has created the Vegan Box just for you!

A completely vegan box, with selected Italian products, 100% natural and without the presence of artificial preservatives.

All the products in our boxes are made by small and medium-sized Italian companies, which work following traditional production methods.

The true flavors of the past, with the true methods of the past. 

Did you say enough about animal protein? Fill up on vegetable protein

What does The Italian Club Vegan Box contain?

2 packages of 500 gr. of Gragnano pasta (1 long and 1 short) I.G.P. - Pastificio Faella: the Faella family, since 1907, uses only completely natural grains, following all the production methods of the past.

1 jar of Boiled Organic Cannellini Beans gr. 300 - Inserbo: these beans are produced with natural production techniques that give them that unmistakable taste of "homemade preserves".

1 jar of boiled organic chickpeas gr. 300 - Inserbo: the chickpeas used for this product come exclusively from completely natural cultivation in Umbria.

100% Italian, 100% Natural.

1 bottle of 0.5 l cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil - InMasseria: olive oil that comes exclusively from olives grown in the centuries-old olive grove of the Masseria del Duca. The Apulian company has earned the award as the best company in the sector, within the international fair, dedicated to the recovery of materials and energy and sustainable development.

1 jar of Organic Peeled Tomatoes 520 gr - Inserbo: these organic peeled tomatoes with sauces are of a native quality of Agro Sarnese Nocerino and come from 100% organic cultivation.

1 jar of yellow tomatoes 350 gr - Inserbo: yellow tomatoes selected directly on the slopes of Vesuvius. The Inserbo company uses completely natural processing techniques, which give their products that unmistakable flavor of the past.

1 jar Artichokes in Oil 270 gr - Terra Noscia: all the raw materials used by Terra Noscia are Km0 and are processed fresh. The Artichoke Hearts in Extra Virgin Olive Oil are a brilliant example of the excellent quality that this small (but large) Apulian company offers.

1 Apricot extra Jam 345 gr - Mariangela Prunotto: all The Italian Club selection preserves are born from the desire to offer our customers products that are, in terms of taste and quality, as close as possible to those that our grandmothers lovingly and patiently prepared for family use only.

If you want to know the nutritional values of the boxes please write to us at info@theitalianclub.eu 

How to order the Vegan Box?

Do you want to get yourself this healthy and tasty gift? Or do you want to donate it to someone you care about particularly?

To order and receive the Vegan Box within 48 hours, throughout Europe and at your home, all you have to do is click on "Buy Now"

How can you use the products of the Box? 

We remind you that in the Box you will find Brochures with all the information on the individual products and with suggestions for preparing the best Italian recipes.

Here you will find our articles on olive oil:

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Shipping specifications:

Free shipping throughout the European Union;

The box will be shipped within 48 hours after the purchase is completed;

For more information on shipments, see the page dedicated to shipments.


For more information write us via email: info (@) theitalianclub (.) Eu

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