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The Italian Club is

The Italian club is an initiative lead by three young Italians guys (Carmine, Raimondo & Valentino) who desire to re-evaluate the real made in Italy, the authentic Italian food excellences in the world. 
The Italian gastronomy has always been highly valued, appreciated and over the decades gained an awareness that leads to regular attempts of improper duplication globally - typically know as Italian sounding.
We strongly believe that the Italian gastronomy should not be seen and perceived in such a manner as we strongly believe that quality is a must; the variety and richness of gastronomic products deserve it.  
The authentic Italian gastronomy requires to adhere to the standards that have been created over the centuries and that has been carefully passed on from generation to generation.
Our passion has allowed us to develop a network of authentic artisans of taste who always privilege and put forward the tradition and love for their territory. We have therefore decided to shorten the consumer chain as we there are no intermediaries or wholesalers in between.
Our aim is to bring directly to your home, strictly selected by us, products which represent Italian excellence.
Above all, we want to allow you to personally taste and assess the added value and uniqueness those genuine products can bring to your cooking when using high-quality ingredients.
Moreover, our desire and the scope of our initiative is to bring directly into your home the best Italian flavours, on top of a 360 degrees culinary experience in the discovery of the authentic Italian cuisine and culture. 

The Italian club is the emotion of finding the best of Italy enclosed in a box.


Want to know more about us? Write to us at info(@)theitalianclub(.)eu 

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