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Corporate Gifts


Do you want to give a gift to collaborators and customers during the holidays?

Choose one of our Food Boxes to thank those who work with you and with your company!

The Italian Club Boxes are a convenient and immediate solution and already contain a selection of the best Italian products.

But if you need a tailor-made solution for your company, we can customize the boxes following your precise instructions.

Why choose The Italian Club Food Boxes?

The authenticity of the Products: our selections represent the best of Italian food and wine culture. 100% Made In Italy, organic, and 0 Km products.

Zero Stress: you won't have to think about anything! You only need a few clicks and within 48 hours you will receive our boxes throughout Europe.

An Educational Gift: food is not just food, it is tradition, culture, and history. Inside our Boxes, you will find all the information on how the ingredients are produced, where they come from, who produces them, and how they produce them. In addition, you will find fact sheets with nutritional values ​​and information on how to use each individual product.

Taylor-made Boxes: don't want to settle for a box selected by us? You can request any type of customisation on the products to be included in the boxes and in addition, you can customize the package with your company logo.

Giving corporate gifts has never been easier!

Our service will allow you to choose, customize, and send unique corporate gifts to your collaborators and customers to better promote your brand.

 Fill out this form with your request and all the necessary information.

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