F.A.Q - Frequent Asked Question

Do you have any doubts about #SurprisEAT or single boxes? In this page, we will clarify the most frequent doubts. 

Q: How "#surpriseat" works?

A: "#surpriseat" is a subscription service, where, monthly, we will send a box with one to your home selection of the best Italian artisanal products. 

Q: What is the difference between the monthly, quarterly and semi-annual plan?

A: There is no difference with the products included in the box the only difference is the recurring payment you will have with monthly, quarterly or semi-annual intervals.

Q: What is the box made of?

A: The box is made up of a series of Italian handicraft products selected by us that varies from a minimum of 6 to 7 or more products. In the box, there will always be a bottle of selected wine, a pack of pasta artisan with 100% Italian wheat and other products such as cured meats, cheeses, extra virgin olive oil, preserves, compotes, bakery products, confectionery products and other specialties of our Italy.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription? 

A: Yes. You can cancel your subscription in your account page/Manage subscription/manage/cancel the subscription.

Q: Can I subscribe even if I have Intolerances or specific food preferences (ie: vegan, vegetarian)?

A: Yes, you can notify us when completing the order in the "notes" section and we will select the appropriate products for your needs. This will not cause any extra charge to your subscription. 

Q: Can I buy back the products of the previous box?

A: Yes, you can request the products you wish to purchase by contacting us via e-mail (info@theitalianclub.eu) or in the appropriate section of the "contact us" website and we will provide a quote and, if necessary, a send them together in the box of the following month.

Q: How the gift card works?

A: We have two types of gift cards: 

  • "Single pack gift card": by purchasing the card in the special purchasing section you will be sent, via e-mail, a code to be entered in the appropriate section when buying the box.  
  • "Family Pack gift card": by purchasing the card in the special purchasing section you will be sent, via mail, three codes, which you can also give to different people, to be included in the appropriate section while purchasing the box.

Q: How can I pay the subscription?

A: The subscription can be paid with credit cards and prepaid cards of the following circuits: Mastercard, Visa, American Express and ApplePay.

Q: Paypal: What can I purchase with it?

A:  Paypal payment is accepted only for extra subscription services. Single boxes of our selection of products can be purchased with Paypal. 

Q: My Order: Time, tracking and status

A: Once your order is shipped you'll get an email with further information such as carrier and tracking number. If you want to know something else, please write to us at info@theitalianclub.eu specifying in the subject your order's number.

Your ”#surpriseat" order will be shipped every 25th of the month, every month until your subscription is lasting. The delivery time is between 48-72h after the order has been shipped. For more information regarding shipping check out our shipping page



If we missed something, or something is not clear please write to us at info@theitalianclub.eu  and ask your question.

We'd love to clarify all your doubts.