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The Boxes

Do you have dinner with friends, work colleagues or a family lunch and want to make a good impression?

You don't have time to research the right recipe, find the ingredients, understand how and where they were made and are you looking for high quality, healthy, and tasty products? We have the solution for you, the boxes by The Italian Club!

The boxes by The Italian Club represent the best food and beverages that Italy, far and wide, has to offer to the world.

Perfect for any type of event, perfect because they are made with products that are born and finished in Italy and perfect because they respect authentic Italian local traditions. 


The selection of each individual product and each individual producer is the result of efforts that aim to enhance Italian food and wine excellence in the world and to rediscover the true and authentic Italian food and wine tradition.

Every single producer, whom we love to call artisans of taste, loves their land and their traditions and with artisan techniques has created a local tradition through its excellence.

Each product is born and developed in the place of origin and with local raw materials without the addition of external agents that deteriorate the flavour.


What is The Italian Club box for us? It is the emotion of opening the flavours of Italy, discovering them, getting to know them, cooking them and above all tasting them directly from your home.

Click, open & eat the authentic Italian food at your home.

Discover more about The Italian Club boxes :

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Be Italian Food Box

All our boxes are with free shipping in the E.U. - For additional information please visit this page.

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