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Be Italian Food Box - Campania Box

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Italian food gastronomic box ready to taste directly at your home. 

"Be Italian food box" is a line of boxes made with products that represent the essence of Italian enogastronomic tradition. Campania is one of the biggest, and most famous Italian region in the world, and we want to homage it with this customized version of our "Be Italian box".

The Campania box contains 2 packages of, different shape, pasta made 100% with Italian grains by Pastificio Faella. The pasta can be combined in the way you like it with 2 tomatoes sauces, one Piennolo P.D.O. and one Corbara's tomato. Moreover, you can give an extra taste to your pasta with the artisanal Cacio or with the famous Neapolitan Tarallo. 

Every Meal deserves quality wine to be accompanied by and for this box, we have chosen the Greco di Tufo D.O.C.G by Cantine di Marzo, one of the oldest winery of Campania, and the Gragnano P.D.O. by Cantine Mariano Sabatino. 

This "Campania box" is composed of:

  • 1 package of 500 gr of Spaghetti IGP by Faella;
  • 1 package of 500 gr of Vesuvio IGP by Faella;
  • 1 jar of Piennolo's tomato P.D.O. by Inserbo;
  • 1 jar of Corbara's tomato by Inserbo;
  • 1 jar of Lemon Marmelade by The Italian Club;
  • 1 Smoked artisanal cacio by Di Santo;
  • 1 box of Artisanal Neapolitan Tarallo "Sugna & Pepe";
  • 1 bottle of Greco di Tufo D.O.C.G by Cantine di Marzo;
  • 1 bottle of Gragnano Penisola Sorrentina P.D.O by Cantine Mariano Sabatino

Prior to your purchase, please use the text box to advise whether you have any allergies or restrictions (vegan, vegetarian, etc), we'll take care of it. 

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