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Italian breakfast Box - The Italian Club
The Italian Club

Italian breakfast Box

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Starting the day with a healthy breakfast should become a completely natural habit for everyone. And just thinking about the word "natural", we created the Italian Breakfast Box:

a selection of 100% natural and Made in Italy products, to start your day in the best possible way and in a healthy way. 

Do you want to treat yourself or give away everything you need to prepare healthy breakfasts with 0 Km products selected throughout Italy?

Find out which delicious products our Box contains!

What does The Italian Club's Italian Breakfast Box contain?  

3 jars of extra Jam 345 gr each - Mariangela Prunotto: all the preserves in the selection of The Italian Club are chosen by looking for that homemade flavor, which only the grandmothers of the past knew how to produce. Natural products and artisanal production methods: this is the criterion with which we select the preserves throughout Italy.

  • Oranges
  • Peaches
  • Apricots

1 Artisan Honey 250 gr - The Italian Club: The Italian Club artisanal kinds of honey are produced by a small family-run company in the province of Salerno. Here the bees are cared for with care and love and taken to the pristine orchards of the Irno valley, in the Picentini Mountains area.

With the purchase of this box, you will receive one of the following jars of honey:

  • Chestnut: strong and aromatic honey, with slightly bitter notes. Rich in pollen, mineral salts, and tannin.
  • Millefiori: honey obtained from the nectars of flowers of a particular place and moment. This honey is almost impossible to reproduce in other conditions, which changes in flavor from year to year.
  • Orange: honey obtained from mixed citrus fruit nectars (oranges, grapefruits, lemons, mandarins, limes, etc). A honey with a thick consistency and a high floral aftertaste.

1 Hazelnut “Classic” Spreadable Cream 190 gr - The Italian Club: the hazelnuts used to make this cream are of one of the most prized Italian varieties ever: the Tonda di Giffoni. The Hazelnut Spreadable Cream by The Italian Club is completely gluten-free and is also ideal for people with celiac disease or intolerance.

2 Packs of Artisan Apulian Sweet Tarallini - Terra Noscia: craving for a classic Apulian snack, sweet or savory? How can you resist some good Apulian tarallo before or after a meal? Terra Noscia, together with tradition, is also very careful to experiment with new combinations with both savory and sweet taralli.

If you want to know the nutritional values of the boxes please write to us at info@theitalianclub.eu 

How to order the Italian Breakfast Box 

To order and receive the Italian Breakfast Box and start preparing healthy and tasty breakfasts, all you have to do is click on Buy Now.

Within 48 working hours, you will receive in Italy or throughout Europe, our selection of natural products, designed to start the day in the best possible way: 

with taste, sweetness, and attention to the line!

How can you use the products of the Box?

In the morning, what could be better than a sweet homemade jam, capable of providing the energy needed to start a working or study day?

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, why not dedicate a moment of taste and sweetness with these three incredible jams and the sweetness of completely Italian honey?

Shipping specifications:

Free shipping throughout the European Union;

The box will be shipped within 48 hours after the purchase is completed;

For more information on shipments, see the page dedicated to shipments.


For more information write us via email: info (@) theitalianclub (.) Eu

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