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Carbonara & Amatriciana box - The Italian Club
The Italian Club

Carbonara & Amatriciana box

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The most imitated dishes all over the world, the true symbols of the Italian pasta dish: Carbonara and Amatriciana.

These are two dishes that have a great history of popular origin that has been able to cross-regional borders, arriving on the menus of restaurants all over the world.

Recipes revisited, discussed, but which continue to resist in their original versions.

Making a good dish of Carbonara or Amatriciana is by no means impossible with the right ingredients.

Stop the Cream in the Carbonara, Stop the Bacon in the Amatriciana! 

What does the Carbonara and Amatriciana Box contain?

What if you had the convenience of receiving the original ingredients for 4 people, directly to your home? 

That's why we created Carbonara and Amatriciana Box: a set of ingredients selected to prepare the original recipes of these two famous dishes, for 4 people.

With just a few clicks, you can receive all the necessary ingredients and 100% Made in Italy to prepare the two recipes that the whole world envies us all over Europe and within 48 hours. 

What is the Carbonara and Amatriciana Box made of? 

1 pack of 500 gr. of Rigatoni Gragnano I.G.P. - Pastificio Faella;

1 Pack of 500 gr. of Bucatini Gragnano I.G.P. - Pastificio Faella;

2 pieces of 250/300 gr. each of Guanciale di Norcia - The Italian Club;

2 pieces of 200/250 gr. each of Pecorino Romano D.O.P. - Unione pastori Sardi Nurri;

1 jar of 520 gr. of Inserbo BIO peeled tomatoes - Inserbo;

If you want to know the nutritional values of the boxes please write us to info@theitalianclub.eu

But let's discover the history and origin of these ingredients:

Pasta Faella: bronze drawing and slow drying, combined with the choice of the best grain, make Faella true excellence in the ancient tradition of Gragnano pasta. The Faella family has been at the service of taste since 1907 and chooses only 100% Italian grains.

Guanciale di Norcia: there is no Carbonara or Amatriciana without a delicious guanciale. The butchery tradition is among the most renowned in Italy and the guanciale produced in Norcia is free of chemical preservatives.

Seasoning: 4 months.

Pecorino Romano D.O.P: one of the top products in the sector according to Gambero Rosso. In this box, you will find the pecorino produced by the Azienda Pastori Nurri, a cooperative of Sardinian shepherds with a 60-year history.

Organic Peeled Tomatoes in Sauce: these peeled tomatoes in organic sauces are of a native quality of Agro Sarnese Nocerino and come from 100% organic cultivation. The product is completely free of preservatives, antioxidants, and artificial sweeteners. 

How to use the products of the Box?

Still don't know how to prepare a Carbonara dish or an Amatriciana dish?

Attached to our boxes you will find brochures that will help you to make these dishes according to tradition

Click on the links to discover our recipes faithful to tradition:

Amatriciana: everything you need to know

The perfect Carbonara: everything you need to know.

How to order the Carbonara and Amatriciana Box?

You can order the Carbonara & Amatriciana box by clicking directly on the "Buy" button and you will receive your Box within 48 working hours, even throughout the European Union. 

Shipping specifications:

Free shipping throughout the European Union;

The box will be shipped within 48 hours after the purchase is completed;

For more information on shipments, see the page dedicated to shipments.


For more information write us via email: info (@) theitalianclub (.) Eu

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

we bought it for the birthday of a friend. Communication is fast and smooth. Service delivery is tailored to our needs, and most importantly the food looks delicious. Products are prime Italian quality (perfect present for everyone as it come with step by step recipe :D )

Solo alta qualità

Prodotti di altissima qualità che rappresentano la vera cucina italiana!
Tutto curato nei minimi particolari, dall'ordine fino alla consegna.
Complimenti e a presto!

Le eccellenze italiane in una box

Ho fatto diversi acquisti da questa azienda. Le box contengono un’ottima selezione delle eccellenze enogastronomiche italiane: il vero Made in Italy!!
La gestione degli ordini è immediata. Ottima anche l’accuratezza nel packaging dei prodotti.

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