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Carbonara box - The Italian Club
The Italian Club

Carbonara box

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Imagine being able to create one of the most famous dishes in the world, having a box with the best-selected products at your disposal, to faithfully cook the recipe of the pasta dish that the whole world loves.

Here is what the Carbonara Box is:

a box with selected ingredients, to make the original Carbonara recipe for 4 people.

Tired of going shopping for a plate of pasta? Tired of looking for the best products to make an original Carbonara, passing from shop to shop? 

With 3 simple clicks, you can order Carbonara Box and receive it within 48 hours throughout Europe!

We bring real Carbonara to the world!

Give this box to an off-site friend or to your relatives abroad and put an end to the Carbonara with pancetta or cream!

And if you are not Italian and given the moment you cannot travel to our country, but you still want to savor our food and wine culture? What better solution than ordering a box with 100% Italian products and receiving it within 48 working hours throughout Europe? 

Whatever nationality you are, remember:

the Italian culinary tradition is a heritage that cannot be wasted or treated badly and for this reason, in our box, you will find only the ingredients for the real Carbonara recipe.

What does the Italian Club Carbonara Box contain?

In the Carbonara Box, you will find the ingredients for the original recipe of one of the most famous dishes in the world.

These are handcrafted ingredients and 100% made in Italy.

But not only!

Inside the box, you will also find a brochure with the description of each individual product and the recipes related to one of the most famous Italian dishes in the world.

What is inside the Carbonara Box:

1 package of 500 g of Rigatoni di Gragnano I.G.P. Faella pasta factory;

1 piece of 250/300 gr of artisanal Norcia pork cheek;

1 piece of  200/300 gr of Pecorino Romano D.O.P. Nurri Shepherds Union;

1 bottle of Primitivo di Manduria D.O.P. Cellar of San Marzano; 

If you want to know the nutritional values of the boxes please write to us at info@theitalianclub.eu

Do you want to know our products better? 

Today it is easy to talk about artisan products, Made in Italy and Km 0.

For this reason, we are particularly keen to explain the story behind each product we have selected for our boxes.

Here is a brief description of the products you will find in the Carbonara Box:

Gragnano’s Artisanal Pasta - Pastifico Faella: in Gragnano, the production of pasta is a very serious matter! The Faella pasta factory is one of the oldest in this area: since 1907, the Faella family has dedicated body and soul to the production of the real Pasta di Gragnano. To get to the finished product, only the best 100% Italian wheat is selected. The bronze drawing and slow drying make this kind of pasta one of the most sought after and sold products all over the world.

Guanciale di Norcia - The Italian Club: the ancient Norcina tradition probably has no equal anywhere in the world for what concerns the production of Guanciale. There is no perfect Carbonara, without a good pillow. There is no superb Carbonara without a superb Guanciale.

Guanciale di Norcia is part of this category and is one of the few products in the sector that is completely natural and free of any chemical preservative.

Matured for 4 months

Pecorino Romano D.O.P. - Unione Pastori Sardi Nurri: Gambero Rosso has indicated this product as one of the best in Italy in the sector. In the Carbonara box, you will find the Pecorino Romano D.O.P. of the Pastori Nurri company, a cooperative of Sardinian shepherds with a 60-year history.

Primitivo di Manduria D.O.P. - Cantina di San Marzano: one of the most famous wineries in Southern Italy, founded in 1962 in San Marzano. An activity that started with 19 winemakers, but which, nowadays, has become a point of reference throughout Italy.

The San Marzano cellars have collected the most important awards in the sector: Wine Enthusiast - Best of the year, Three glasses of Gambero Rosso, Best Italian wines by Luca Maroni, and many others.

It is a ruby ​​red wine with violet reflections that on the nose releases a scent reminiscent of ripe cherries, punches, with pleasant notes of cocoa and vanilla. It is a well-structured wine, which pairs perfectly with robust first courses (such as Carbonara or Amatriciana).

Now that you have discovered all the products in the Carbonara Box, you just have to find out how to make this dish following the original recipe.

We have prepared a guide just for those who want to find out how to prepare a real Carbonara!

But not only that, by clicking here you can discover the true story of this dish: where and how the pasta dish that the whole world tries to imitate (unfortunately) was born.

How to order the Carbonara and Box?

You can order the Carbonara & Amatriciana box by clicking directly on the "Buy" button and you will receive your Box within 48 working hours, even throughout the European Union.  

Shipping specifications:

Free shipping throughout the European Union;

The box will be shipped within 48 hours after the purchase is completed;

For more information on shipments, see the page dedicated to shipments.


For more information write us via email: info (@) theitalianclub (.) Eu

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
silvia giaretta

Carbonara box

Alessia Badà
Carbonara box

Consigliatissimi! Prodotti di qualità, spedizione in Europa veloce e conveniente, staff pronto e disponibile!

Agata Nolasco
Uniti dall'amore per la carbonara

Ho comprato questa box per spedirla ai miei genitori durante questa quarantena. Io sono bloccata a Roma mentre loro sono in Sicilia. Così ho pensato di portare loro un po' di Roma a tavola e sentirci tutti più vicini. Quindi questa box è risultata perfetta per la qualità e la selezione dei prodotti. Nota assolutamente positiva va inoltre nella cura dell'imballaggio dei prodotti. Super consigliato!


Personalmente ho deciso di regalare questo box, ma visti i risultati e vista l’efficienza del team, dei prodotti e dei servizi, in più il prezzo-qualità ottimo.. penso fermamente che le cinque stelle siano meritatissime!

La migliore carbonara di sempre.

Amo la carbonara ma non ero mai riuscita a cucinarne una veramente buona, con i prodotti di questa box, l'aiuto della ricetta inserita nella box e della videoricetta della pagina instagram sono riuscita a preparare una carbonara perfetta!!! i miei amici/commensali non riuscivano a crederci e hanno acquistato subito una box anche loro. I prodotti sono veramente di ottima qualità rispetto a quelli che possono reperirsi al supermercato e sono tutti ampiamente descritti nella brochure che ti arriva nella box. Il prezzo inoltre è veramente concorrenziale e ne ho subito riacquistate altre 2!!! TOP IN TUTTO!!! :-)

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