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Gift Card "Single Pack" - #surpriseat - TheItalianClub
Gift Card "Single Pack" - #surpriseat - TheItalianClub

Gift Card "Single Pack" - #surpriseat

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Italian gastronomy stands out for its genuine quality. 

Local producers transmit, from generation to generation, the ancient recipes that make the Italian food one of the most appreciated recipes in the world.

#Surpriseat is the program that allows you to get directly at home, the best of Italy enclosed in a box.
This gift card is valid for one #surpriseat box. Over a month, a selected recipient will receive a box with premiere Italian gastronomic products. As the sender of the gift-box, you will receive a specific discount code to share with you receiver in order to be entitled to the box. 

The box is made up of a series of Italian handicraft products selected by us that varies from a minimum of 6 to 7 or more products.

In the box, there will always be a bottle of selected wine, a pack of artisan pasta made of 100% Italian wheat and other selection of products such as cured meats, cheeses, extra virgin olive oil, preserves, compotes, bakery products, confectionery products and other Italian's specialties.

Prior to your purchase, please use the text box to advise whether you have any allergies or restrictions (vegan, vegetarian etc), we'll take care of it. 

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