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Artisanal Norcia’s Salame 300/400 gr - The Italian Club - The Italian Club
The Italian Club

Artisanal Norcia’s Salame 300/400 gr - The Italian Club

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Norcia's Salame is one of the most loved products of Norcineria, this specific one is made by a fantastic family-run company located in Campi di Norcia (Perugia), in the heart of the Monti Sibillini National Park. It is in this corner of unspoiled beauty that the company produces top-quality cured meats that keep the tradition of true pork butchery high, the oldest and most valuable for the processing of pork. It all starts with the breeding in the wild of the Cinta Umbra pigs, an ancient and indigenous breed. The animals are slaughtered only in adulthood to guarantee mature and extremely tasty meats. The company still processes the meat in a completely artisanal and natural way without the addition of preservatives, dyes, milk powder, or gluten. In the first phase of drying, the cured meats are placed in front of a fireplace, fed by oak, beech, hornbeam, and juniper woods. After 3 or 4 days they spend in an ancient cellar where they finish their seasoning, calmly, naturally, respecting the right times. This Artisan Norcia's Salame is an exceptional product that returns flavors of other times, now almost impossible to find nowadays.

The salame of the Norcia tradition is, in fact, a rustic, well-spiced and tasty salame, with a strong taste, produced with the best parts of the shoulder, leg, and pork belly from Umbria, so as to achieve a perfect balance of lean and fatty parts, all cleverly cut into a "knifepoint".

According to all the meats, a mix of completely natural and traditional spices is added and all are stuffed into a natural and hand-tied gentle casing. The salame is marketed alone after at least three months of natural seasoning in the cellar.

This product is free of 

  • GMOs;
  • Dyes;
  • Chemical preservatives;

Nutritional value per 100 gr of product:

  • Energy: 370 kcal
  • Proteins: 23,7 g
  • Carbohydrate: 1,1 g
  • Fats: 28,5 g
  • Salt: 4,5 g

Ingredients: Pork meat, salt, pepper, garlic, wine, antioxidants, E-301.

Methods of preserving: Store the product away from light, dust, and heat sources 180 days at a temperature between + 2 ° C and + 6 ° C. or 90 days in a cool and dry place or 90 days in a cool and dry place (maximum temperature + 20 ° C) respecting the deadline. 

What distinguishes this salame from other products on the market, in addition to the undisputed organoleptic qualities, is the complete absence of preservatives, nitrites, and nitrates, now present as dangerous for the greeting as they are carcinogenic.

Usage tips:

This salame is generally good which guarantees to savor it simply sliced ​​from a thick slice and accompanied by a slice of homemade bread and a glass of good red wine.

Learn more about Norcineria and all of Norcia's fantastic products.

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