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Pesto of Sicilian Pistachio

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Sicilian Pistachio Pesto The Italian Club is part of our exclusive selection. All the products we have chosen are an emblem of quality and genuineness. Sicilian pistachios ("frastuca" in Sicilian dialect) are precious fruits originating in the Mediterranean basin, were brought to Sicily by the Arabs, when they tore it from the Byzantines, and since then its trees found a perfect habitat for growth in the territory lush. Pistachios are harvested every two years and take place between the end of August and the beginning of September. The Sicilian pistachio is characterized by intense green color and for this reason, it is also called "green gold". Its taste is sweet, delicate and aromatic. The Sicilian Green pistachio is a food with many beneficial nutritional properties such as Mineral Salts (calcium, iron, and magnesium), Vitamin E and Group B Vitamins, it is also rich in antioxidants that prevent aging and rare carotenoids that protect eyesight.


-80% Sicilian pistachio, sunflower oil, salt, and pepper

-This product is free of GMOs, Dyes, Preservatives, Synthetic Sweeteners (Sweeteners)

Usage tips:

This fantastic product can be used in multiple ways limited only by your imagination. It can be used as a condiment for pasta, alone or, for example, with fresh red tuna cubes. It also goes well with Mortadella Bolognese or a good Pecorino for a fantastic appetizer. This Pistachio Pesto is very tasty and allows to season 5/6 portions of excellent pasta. Learn more about the usage of this Pistachio Pesto in our blog:

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Ottimo Prodotto

Un ottimo pesto di pistacchio. 80% di pistacchio siciliano, prodotto a Bronte. Ottimo prodotto riacquisterò sicuramente.